Chronicling the Days: The Anthology

In April 2020, we started a new community writing project, with open submissions, called ‘Chronicling the Days.’ Submissions closed on Thursday, April 30 but in that time, we had over 100 pieces of writing from people in Quebce, detailing a typical day for them at the time. Thank you to all who contributed, read, and supported—whether vocally or silently. It has been a great community effort.

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In Fall 2021, thanks to the editorial team at Guernica Editions, the submissions for ‘Chronicling the Days’ were published as a magnificent anthology. A keepsake, a collective memory, a record—a true chronicle. Our thanks to everyone who was involved, and good health to all going forward.

The book may be purchased directly from Guernica Editions:

You can see a video of the launch for the anthology, hosted by Guernica Editions, here. With readings from contributors, and discussion and reflection from Lori Schubert (QWF), Crystal Chan (QWF Writes), Rachel McCrum (project curator) and Linda Morra (editor, Guernica Editions). Broadcast at Blue Metropolis, Thursday, April 29, 2021.


The initial invitation to submit is below.

We’re all here, and we’re living through these bizarre days of coronavirus and pandemic, of social distancing and self isolation, of lockdown and quarantine, and while we’re all living through them, we know that we’re not all living through them in the same way. And we wanted to know how you’re getting on. What’s the story of your days?

We’re inviting you to submit a piece of writing to be part of our ‘Chronicling the Days’ project, to be published on the QWF Writes website. For no other reason than to keep us all a bit connected. To help us try and make sense.

Are you going through this at home on your own? Are you suddenly working and living with small children or teenagers in the house? Coming back from abroad and under quarantine, or suddenly very familiar with the walks in your local neighbourhood? Are you worrying about friends and family further away? away? Getting to know your neighbours (or not)? Is your supermarket holding up? Are you becoming a gourmet cook, or very fond of ramen and cheese sandwiches? Are you a new lover of Skype or have had one too many Zoom cocktail parties? Do you miss poetry readings? Are you a fan of Arruda? Are you worried about economic implications? Have you read that massive pile of books by your bed? Have you made a list for ‘after’? Have you watched Tiger King?

Every story is valid.