Do you have something you’re burning to share with the Quebec literary community—and beyond? The Quebec Writers’ Federation invites you to pitch ideas for columns on subjects that explore the writing life. In a short paragraph, please clearly detail what you plan to write about and your intended approach. All writers are paid. Send your pitches and questions to editor Crystal Chan at

4 thoughts on “Submit

  1. This is great! l just read Translating Montreal: Where Blueberries are not Myrtilles. Wonderful to have a place to send this kind of writing.


    1. Ladies and Gentlemen –

      I write. I saw your notice and thought I would submit. I searched but cannot find HOW to SUBMIT – your information is too complicated for an artist to figure you out. I am not technical.

      I write poetry and short stories and would submit, if I knew how.

      Respectfully Walter Aubie


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