Chronicling the Days – Romy Shiller

In April 2020, we invited writers in Quebec to submit a story of a single day during the strange, uneasy time of coronavirus and pandemic, of social distancing and self isolation, of lockdown and quarantine.

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This piece is by Romy Shiller, writing on Saturday, April 4, 2020.

Image: Romy Shiller

A lot of time these days is spent in my head and drinking coffee.

I’m so friggin’ bored. I keep thinking of the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ and I feel guilty. In the movie Rita says to the Bill Murray character, ‘So this is what you do with eternity…’ I think he was stuffing pastries into his mouth at the time. He ends up learning to play an instrument and reading something obviously intellectual and helping strangers. Even though every day is the same, he chooses to be productive. Yup, not me. I think that what I do or don’t do is the equivalent of stuffing pastries into my mouth.

To read the rest of the story, please support our community and check out Chronicling the Days: Dispatches from a Pandemic

15 thoughts on “Chronicling the Days – Romy Shiller

    1. Dear Romy:

      You are an inspiration to me, in all my work and in my deepest thoughts.
      “Thanking” you for who you are is impossible. Thank is a pretty useless word at times. So with all the feelings of gratitude deep within my heart, I hope my “God Bless You” is good enough.

      With love,


  1. Dear Romy, We are friends of your parents, in Palm Beach, and only got to meet you once, but your piece has really touched my heart. When we are all feeling sorry for ourselves about being in quarantine, we need only to look at those, like you, who deal with incredible hardships every single day. May God bless you and keep you safe, and we wish you a Happy Passover with, hopefully, Lillian and Bryant. You have your Mother’s kindness, and your Father’s brilliance. Best wishes, always, Terry and Joe Mendozza

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  2. I am amazed by your strength and your perspective on living your life during this time. You have learned through the years how to succeed under much worse conditions than this pandemic. I respect your fortitude and honesty. Hopefully you will be the role model people should follow in making the most when in a difficult time. I love your parents and I know how proud they are of you. Take care xo

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  3. Well put! Romy, i’m a disabled gender, performance and media scholar in Mtl too, would be glad to connect through QWF folks; i’m not on social media. Hope to talk, and regardless, wishing you the best!


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